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Welcome to VANSoftworks

Modern Solutions for Modern Problems

Our Projects


Online platform for users to buy and sell PDF patterns. Boosts a massive user base of sewers and crafters alike.

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Project Hanbok

The website for newly growing & popular Hanbok magazine.

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An up and coming website dedicated for a newly launching fabric brand


A local community church website for all the church's needs

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Hutterite Manufacturing Association

A homepage website for the Hutterite Manufacturing Association

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Life Guarding Academy

A previous project that was used to manage the journey of future life gaurds in Toronto

Grand Colony Vehicle Management

A vehicle management tool for Grand Colony in Manitoba

Platform Development

Manufacturing through Community

Connecting users to create a diverse network of small sized manufacturing

Services Provided by Community

An all in one place for all user's servicing needs

Platform based transit & travel

Anytime anywhere travel that's platform and community based

Community based hardware development

Development of chips that uses diverse sets of talents from across the platform

Diverse but Unified

Unified and compatible through compatible software for hardwares on the platform

Community market with Quality

Qualty assured products for a platform marketplace by thorough and thought out checks and verifications

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